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Cathy Chau: Make the most honest choice of oneself

26 Aug 2020

Alumna Cathy Chau from the Academy of Visual Arts

In life, we are constantly making choices, and life as an artist is no different. When creating a painting, the artist is always making decisions about what to paint, what to put on the canvas, how to start, and what colours, composition and materials are most appropriate.


"I feel very distressed when creating an art piece, as part of me thinks a certain option is feasible, while the other part of me holds the opposite opinion. It feels like they are arguing with each other on the creation, and no one can tell me which choice is correct. All in all, my paintings belong to me, and I always think that as long as I make the most honest choice for myself, it's fine," says alumna Cathy Chau Lok-yan from the HKBU Academy of Visual Arts.