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Dr Daisy Tam: Arts Collaborate with Science

01 Aug 2019

Dr Daisy Tam: Arts Collaborate with Science
Dr Daisy Tam: Arts Collaborate with Science

Why should “arts collaborate with sciences to work out a solution”?


Dr Daisy Tam, Assistant Professor of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, with degrees in Comparative Literature at the undergraduate and graduate level, and a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies awarded in England, chooses to study food leftover. Last year she was granted to continue her research on "Crowdsourcing Food Rescue -- a new approach to Food Safety and Urban Resilience" in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA. She partnered with Hong Kong enterprises and NGOs to set up an online platform for gathering the leftover bread and distributes to the needy.


“My academic background in humanities and the way I was trained to think made me better understand the root cause of the problem as well as the relationships between humans and food leftover, while experts in MIT can provide technical support and together we can come up with an effective solution."


浸大研發「救食」平台 聯網收剩麵包派基層 (Chinese only)
Daisy Tam: Urban food waste fighter