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Hippocrates Cheng: Overtone Singing

20 Aug 2019

Hippocrates Cheng: Overtone Singing

"Young people have the responsibility to defend what we admire and restore valuable treasure,” says Hippocrates Cheng, an alumnus of the Department of Music.


Overtone Singing, originated in Mongolia, requires a singer to create two sounds at the same time. Hippocrates fell in love with it, and following much training, he learnt the difficult technique. He also incorporates overtone singing into his music creation.


“I make music just like the quote from Bruce Lee: be water. You need to think out of the box with a new angle to find a new direction with arts.”


鄭靖楠 古老喉唱融入創作 自學泛音 傳承民族音樂 (Chinese only)