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Professor Qiu Jianwen: True values of marine species

20 Aug 2019

Professor Qiu Jianwen: True values of marine species

“There are still so many marine species to explore.  Instead of doing it by observation only, we need to do further research,” says Professor Qiu Jianwen, Associate Head of the HKBU Department of Biology.

Professor Qiu discovered a new species of fireworm in Hong Kong waters following an extensive search through various references and existing specimens. The new species, which is called Chloeia bimaculata, is the fourth named species to be added to the fireworm genus Chloeia during the last century.  Professor Qiu has been keen to carry out further ocean research. He became the first Hong Kong scientist participating in the Jiaolong deep-sea expedition with other Mainland researchers in 2013. During the journey, they also collected various specimens.  “Although creatures such as fireworms are not beautiful in appearance, I would like to find their true value,” he said.


窮追海毛蟲潮元「生物偵探」邱建文 (Chinese only)