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Sim Shum Kwan-yi: Narrowing the distance between life and art

09 Jul 2020

Alumna Sim Shum Kwan-yi from the Academy of Visual Arts

"I make Chinese paintings. The pace is a bit slow, which seems not very compatible with modern life. Most people rush to work and gradually forget the things around them. I like to observe natural objects, look at the mountains, sea and clouds. The colours and feelings keep changing slowly with every moment. I hope to use ink and meticulous depictions to make people slow down and explore other possibilities of the world and life. People’s attention should be drawn to anything that gives them warmth and a sense of reality. The distance between contemporary and traditional as well as life and art could be narrowed," our alumna Sim Shum Kwan-yi from the HKBU Academy of Visual Arts says.


The Academy encourages students to go on an exchange programme every year. Kwan-yi went to Nagoya Zokei University in Japan as an exchange student in her fourth year of study. She says that art education in Japan, where only one thing is done a day in class, is very different from that in Hong Kong. Slow life also makes Kwan-yi think more about her future career path. After returning to Hong Kong, she spent time on preparing her graduation exhibition which turned out to be a success and paved her way to start her career in art sector.