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Tiffany Tang: No regrets about becoming a full-time high jumper

02 Sep 2021

Tiffany Tang Yi-ching, student of the HKBU Physical Education and Recreation Management programme

Tiffany Tang Yi-ching, a student of the HKBU Physical Education and Recreation Management programme, became a full-time high jumper in January this year. Tiffany trains hard, her schedule including sessions six days a week at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. She set a new personal best at the pre-season athletics trial in March, clearing 1.77 metres. The National Games are coming up soon, and Tiffany will be leaving Hong Kong for the first time during the pandemic. "I saw many people supporting Hong Kong athletes during the Olympics, and this gave me extra motivation to achieve better results." she says excitedly.


When Tiffany was a child, she had many interests apart from track and field, such as swimming, horse riding, dancing, and playing piano and cello. However, after going to secondary school she finally decided to follow in her mother’s path and focus on the high jump, which she loves. She says: "High jumps are very special as there are three chances at every level. Every time I just tell myself that this is the last chance to motivate myself to do my best." She will graduate next year and believes that her identity as an athlete has made her more aware of her future path: "Many people may worry about where they will go after graduation, but I don't worry, because athletes still have many goals to pursue."