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Artwork created by Visual Arts student installed at public playground

18 Apr 2019

Mabel Lau’s artwork Cam4 Kau4
Mabel Lau’s artwork Cam4 Kau4

An art installation created by Visual Arts Year Four student Mabel Lau and her collaborating partner Yan Chin-wing was selected as one of the seven installation pieces under the “InPARK” (Industrial Park) Public Art Scheme. The installation is now set up at the Tsun Yip Street Playground in Kwun Tong.


Mabel’s artwork, which is entitled Cam4 Kau4, intends to remind people of the unique relationships that can form among members of a community and hopes to help them recall memories of togetherness. Cam4 Kau4 are the syllables of the Cantonese words “沉球”, meaning “sinking ball”. They also form the pun “in search of”. The use of this title aims to emphasise Hong Kong culture.


Mabel said that the artwork is made of fiberglass and galvanised steel. The materials used for the “watermelon balls” have been shaped and sculpted to enable people to sit, lie and lean on them. The balls, which appear to be deflated and sinking into the earth, represent traditions and old memories that have been forgotten. Unlike the traditional public benches that only allow people to sit facing away from one another, Cam4 Kau4 forms a circle to shorten the distance between people and symbolise fellowship. The idea behind the installation is to create a recreational space where people from the community can escape the hectic city and relax and soothe their busy minds.


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