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History scholars receive QEF grant to reproduce 3D models of artefacts

20 Dec 2019

The team behind the visual artefact project.
The team behind the visual artefact project.

A team led by Dr Sammy Li Kin-sum, Assistant Professor of the Department of History, has received HK$1.35 million from the Quality Education Fund (QEF) to utilise 3D-scanning technology to reproduce online 3D models of artefacts from the Art Museum at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The virtual artefacts will be developed into a new set of teaching materials which delve into the history of ancient Chinese art. 


The project will facilitate secondary school students to study the artefacts from multiple angles, arousing their interest in archaeology and art history, and it will help them to explore a new historical field. The team will also organise workshops to enhance the teaching skills of educators and help students integrate knowledge from multiple subjects. 
Members of the team include Dr Tam Ka-chai, Dr Fan Wing-chung, Dr Kwok Kam-chau and Dr Law Yuen-han from the Department of History.