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Using graphics to educate elders on the correct use of bleach

17 Mar 2020

Elder graphics are made to educate elders on correct use of bleach
Elder graphics are made to educate elders on the correct use of bleach

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, diluted household bleach is often used to keep the environment clean and hygienic. However, do you know the right way to use bleach?


Hoping to help the community with his expertise, Dr Patrick Yue from the Department of Biology led a group of students from the Environmental Health and Toxicology course to find the best way to convey the correct use of household bleach in a light-hearted way. 


Dr Yue said, “I am glad that my students supported my idea and volunteered to help. It was indeed their suggestion to use graphics for the main points, which is a style the elderly are used to seeing for important messages.”


Coordinated by the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, the graphics were disseminated by social workers from a non-governmental organisation in Kwun Tong.


In the future, Dr Yue plans to share useful information about bleach in the form of lively group chats. He is also preparing to produce some short video clips to highlight the main take-away points around the use of bleach, and senior members of the university neighbourhood will be invited to take part. While Dr Yue often appears as a science expert on a local TV infotainment programme, he is going to play another role in these video clips. Stay tuned!