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Academy of Film hosts International Conference on Documentary Film

09 Jul 2018

The Conference features more than 30 scholars and documentary film experts
The Conference features more than 30 scholars and documentary film experts

The Centre for Film and Moving Image Research (FMIR) of the Academy of Film, the School of Communication hosted the “Documentary Film: Regional, Theoretical & Political Parameters” International Conference from 25 to 27 June.


With the aim of making a major contribution to the field of documentary film studies, the Conference enabled participants to explore documentary film in Hong Kong, Mainland and in the Southeast Asian region, to discuss international film theory, and to engage with the emerging and increasingly important theoretical paradigms related to documentary film. 


The featured speakers of the conference included HKBU and leading international scholars, independent filmmakers, film directors and critics from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the UK, the US, France and Brazil. 


There were six panel discussions on the topics of Hong Kong Documentary Films, East Asian Documentary Films, Documentary Films in China, Documentary Films and the Protest Movements, Colonial Documentary Films, and Theoretical Issues: Phenomenology and Film, along with three film screenings. The inter-disciplinary conference encompassed history, colonial studies, area studies, film studies, television studies and cultural studies. In addition, a platform was created for participants to exchange their views and discuss important issues concerning documentary film, and engage in collaborative projects.