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Creative Writing students earn valuable exchange with Tsinghua students

11 Sep 2018

An HKBU student shares about her creative ideas
An HKBU student shares about her creative ideas

Students of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing joined an exchange programme, “Mixing Aesthetics: Lingering between Painting and Creative Writing”, and enjoyed a memorable summer at Tsinghua University in Beijing. They created cross-media artworks with their counterparts and their collective works were exhibited at Tsinghua.

The programme was organised with the cooperation between the HKBU Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University and the Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities.

By integrating creative writing into the professional pedagogy of fine art, not only could students from both universities have access to diverse possibilities in art forms, but more significantly, the teaching within both programmes could flourish. During the exchange, Dr Christophe Tong and Dr Louis Ho of the Department gave seminars jointly with the representatives from Tsinghua University on a variety of topics.