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History scholar receives research fellowship from MacLean Collection Map Library

07 May 2020

Dr Chen Fong-fong
Dr Chen Fong-fong

Dr Chen Fong-fong, Lecturer from the Department of History, has received the 2020 MacLean Fellowship. The fully-sponsored research fellowship will enable Dr Chen to conduct research on maps of Shanghai and Hong Kong, along with other regional maps, either this summer or winter at the MacLean Collection Map Library in Chicago, USA. Consisting of more than 35,000 maps, the MacLean Collection offers an array of source materials for Dr Chen to explore in her research. 


“It is a great honour to receive the 2020 MacLean Fellowship. The prestigious MacLean Collection is home to cartographic materials from around the world, including wall maps, globes, pictorial maps, and sheet maps. My research project will focus on maps of Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as regional maps, that highlight boundaries between cultures and nations. These maps provided residents and travellers alike with contested knowledge of places, peoples, and cultural enterprises by translating the modern cityscape into print media,” said Dr Chen.