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New book by staff (11 March 2020)

11 Mar 2020


ISBN 9789492811721 and 9789198457162


Author: Professor Jalal Toufic, Professor of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing


A brilliant, ramifying series of thought experiments, Postscripts rigorously avoids becoming a no-stakes mind game. Here, the stakes—political, aesthetic, ethical—are quite high. For, the experiments are rigged to combust those ideas and stances that—insufficiently tolerant of counterfactuals—fail to pass their test. Deadly serious and humorous at once, these thought rifts for a moment expose what is unthinkable—but for the creative collaboration they stage between the two aspects of “the mortal, dead while still alive”—before it is once again abducted. Jalal Toufic invents and masters his own transversal genre, sentence by ingeniously-placed sentence.


Blurb by Joan Copjec, Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, author of Read My Desire: Lacan Against the Historicists