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New book by staff (23 July 2021)

23 Jul 2021

The Politics of the Cantonese Language in Hong Kong (New Edition)

The Politics of the Cantonese Language in Hong Kong (New Edition)


ISBN: 978-962-996-589-1


Editor: Professor Eva Man, Director of Academy of Film and Chair Professor in Humanities


香港在粤語文化中地位特殊 ─ 百分之九十的群眾都會說粤語,這個特質令香港發展成擁有獨特文化的中國城市 ─ 一個本地、傳統和其他族裔文化匯聚的中心。這文化象徵著中西、新舊、貧富之間的關係,這種關係超越了一般二元對立的局面,並吸引了全球各界的注意。香港文化的成功,在當地的流行音樂、戲劇、飲食、文學和身份認同上都不難看出。




Hong Kong occupies a unique place in Cantonese culture — with 90% of its population speaking the language, it has become home to a distinctive Chinese culture — a hub for the hybridised cultures of local, traditional and diasporic communities. This culture is characterised by its negotiation between East and West; new and old; high and low. It has crafted a unique and hybrid particularity that goes beyond the binaries, and it has also captured the imagination and recognition of a global audience; its success reflected in its popular music, theatre, food, literature and identity. 


This anthology explores how Cantonese culture has been refigured over the past decade, at a time when a series of events related to the rise of China and its soft power call for a renewed understanding of the future of Cantonese culture in Hong Kong. This book endeavours to open up the boundaries of Hong Kong’s culture and its studies by investigating the importance of Cantonese culture in Hong Kong.