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New book by staff (25 March 2020)

25 Mar 2020

New book by staff (25 March 2020)

Dynamic Growth of Chinese Firms in the Global Market Challenges, Strategies and Implications


ISBN: 9781107060128


Authors: Professor Kineta Hung, Professor of the Department of Communication Studies of School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University; and Professor David Tse, Chair Professor of International Marketing at the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Hong Kong


How have Chinese multinationals benefited from China's economic boom to enable their international expansion? This book is based on many years of original research tracing the emergence, growth and future of Chinese firms in the world economy. The authors seek to provide new perspectives and insights for business executives and graduate students through a comprehensive study of how China's firms globalise and operate, and the implications of this for economic success. Based on detailed case studies and summative examples of successful Chinese firms, Tse and Hung point out their strengths (e.g. making innovations affordable to many developing nations), their weaknesses (products made in China are not highly regarded) and their mistakes (being insensitive to host economy needs and at times corruptive acts). They argue that the world economy would benefit from engaging with Chinese and other emerging economy firms to learn from the strategies they employ to achieve their global reach.