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New books by staff (31 December 2018)

31 Dec 2018

New Horizon on Treatment of Autism 

New Horizon on Treatment of Autism 
ISBN: 978-3-659-81110-4
Authors: Ms Yau Chuen-heung, Lecturer I, and Mr Ip Cheuk-long, Junior Chinese medicine practitioner, School of Chinese Medicine (with Chau Yuk-yin)
作者:中醫藥學院一級講師尤傳香女士與初級中醫師葉焯朗先生 (與周玉賢)


The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) has increased over the past 50 years. Medication can rarely improve the symptoms of ASD and therefore complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become the main treatment for children.


In this study, 68 children with ASD were assessed before their first acupuncture treatment and after the 30th, based on the severity of five of their symptoms, namely impaired social interaction, verbal communication problems, behavioural problems, noise sensitivity and food selectivity. It showed that scalp acupuncture is an effective treatment for alleviating the symptomatology of ASD.


ISBN: 978-988-8571-73-4
Editors-in-Chief: Professor Lyu Aiping, Dean of Chinese Medicine, and Professor Bian Zhaoxiang, Associate Vice-President (Chinese Medicine Development) and Director of Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine
Associate Editors-in-Chief: Professor Li Min, Director of Teaching and Research Division, School of Chinese Medicine (with Ms Huang Feili) 
Editors: Dr Ma Jianying and Dr Tao Zhiguang, Lecturers I of Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine