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New book by staff (4 May 2021)

04 May 2021

New book by staff (4 May 2021)

Reorienting Chinese Stars in Global Polyphonic Networks

ISBN: 9789811603136

Author: Dr Dorothy Lau, Assistant Professor of the Academy of Film


This monograph offers a cutting-edge perspective on the study of Chinese film stars by advancing a “linguaphonic” model, and it moves away from a conceptualisation of transnational Chinese stardom that is reliant on the centrality of either action or body. 


It encompasses a selection of individual personalities, ranging from the iconic Bruce Lee, Michelle Yeoh, and Maggie Cheung to the not-yet-fully-fledged Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jay Chou, and Tang Wei. It also includes newer stars in the form of Fan Binging, Liu Yifei, Wen Mingna, and Sammi Cheng, who exemplify the star-making practices in the designated sites of articulation. 


This volume notably pivots on specific phonic modalities – spoken forms of tongues, manners of enunciation, and styles of vocalisation – as a means to mine the ethnic and ideological underpinnings of Chinese stardom, and it also remaps the contours of ethnic fame-making in the global mediascape.