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New book by staff (5 May 2021)

05 May 2021

New book by staff (5 May 2021)

News in their Pockets: A Cross-City Comparative Study of Mobile News Consumption in Asia

ISBN: 9780197523728


Co-authors: Professor Lo Ven-hwei, Visiting Professor of Department of Journalism; Professor Wei Ran, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Communication, University of South Carolina


This book explores the societal, technological, and user-related factors in understanding why and how digitally savvy college students in Asia’s most mobile cities—Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taipei—seek news via the mobile phone, how they evaluate mobile news for credibility and usefulness, and the consequences of this practice: becoming engaged with mobile news, which then teaches them about current affairs. The analyses are situated at the intersection of technological advances from 3G to 4G and marked differences in political and media systems across the four cities, which jointly shape Asia’s new generations of citizens.