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New book by staff (6 February 2018)

06 Feb 2018

Leisure from International Voices
Leisure from International Voices

Leisure from International Voices

ISBN: 978-1-57167-887-4


Co-editor: Professor Atara Sivan, Head of Department of Education Studies



The book highlights the importance of leisure in the lives of people around the world by portraying the way leisure is perceived, practised and studied globally. While having a universal value, leisure is also imagined and practised in various ways based on geographical areas and their associated cultures. The book reveals those ways by compiling the voices of 33 authors from 22 countries/regions spread across six continents. 


It focuses on intellectual and cultural foundations of leisure as a social phenomenon understood in comparable as well as distinctive ways.  The geographical divisions made in the book and its consolidated portrayal provides a starting point for examining collective leisure in the past, present, and future in a way that will help to emphasise the importance of leisure to individuals and communities throughout the world.