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Scholars share research findings on transnational lives 

13 Sep 2021

Scholars at the Colloquium share their research findings on transnational lives studies.
Scholars at the Colloquium share their research findings on transnational lives studies.

The Department of History and the Modern History Research Centre jointly organised the “Transnational Lives in Asia and the Pacific Colloquium” on 26 August. Renowned scholars shared their research findings from the field of translational studies on family, cultural and life history, and they connected pieces of diverse historical materials in order to shed light on transnational studies research. The Colloquium attracted around 200 participants, including staff, students, local and overseas scholars, and members of the general public.

Dr Catherine Ladds, Associate Professor of the Department of History and also the moderator of the Colloquium, led the discussion with speakers including Dr Jessica Hanser of the University of British Columbia, Dr Donna Brunero of the National University of Singapore, Dr Kate Bagnall of the University of Tasmania, and Dr Vivian Kong of the University of Bristol. 

Populations move from time to time, yet the understanding and research of family culture has been limited to individual countries and regions. Responding to the niche research area “Populations and Well-being” of HKBU’s Faculty of Social Sciences, the Colloquium integrated research insights into immigrants and population movement. By observing multiple historical examples, such as families in Batavia, the history of the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, westerners living in South China, and the spread of families between Britain, China and Singapore, scholars explained how people moved and adapted to a new place of residence and found shelter in a shifting environment.