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Centre for Media and Communication Research hosts international conference on Chinese-language Cinema: Text, Context and History

18 Jun 2013

Scholars gathered to share their views on the subject of Chinese-language cinema
Scholars gathered to share their views on the subject of Chinese-language cinema

The international conference “Chinese-language Cinema: Text, Context and History”, organised by the Centre for Media and Communication Research (CMCR) of the School of Communication was held on 6 and 7 June. More than 30 scholars from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, the US and the UK presented and discussed the fruits of their research projects.


The event was the second installment of the historical investigation of Chinese-language cinema, following the conference “Rethinking Chinese Film Industry: New Methods, New History” organised by CMCR in 2010. Keynote speeches by renowned scholars Professor Fu Po-shek and Professor Paul Clark kicked off the conference. Eight panels were held to present the latest discoveries of new texts and revisions of standard historiography, as well as to explore the linkage of historical study to issues of gender, genre, aesthetics, marketisation, liberalisation and globalisation.


Considering the limitations of research in early Chinese film history, the conference aimed at serving as a scholarly platform for primary, empirical research and at nourishing an interdisciplinary and collaborative research culture among Chinese film scholars, archivists, critics and postgraduate students. The conference was sponsored and supported by Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd., the School of Art and Communication of Beijing Normal University, the Visual Culture Research Center of National Central University and the Academy of Film of HKBU.