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Experts explore children’s growth at HKBU conference

03 Jul 2018

Guest speakers share their expertise and experience at the Conference
Guest speakers share their expertise and experience at the Conference

The Centre for Child Development together with the Hong Kong Society of Behavioral and Neural Genetics and Hong Kong Montessori Research and Development Association organised the “Contemporary Parent Education Conference 2018 – Secret to Children’s Growth” on 16 June. The Conference aimed to provide a platform for exploring the influence of nature versus nurture on child development.  


The Conference brought together professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, and education to discuss with the participants if infants should undergo genetic testing, to explore scientifically supported nurturance of newborns and ways to prepare a learning environment in a home setting that would support a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.


With 110 participants at the Conference, Professor Mary Waye, Research Professor of the Nethersole School of Nursing of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of genetic codes in child development. 


Three parallel seminar sessions on child development were also arranged. Dr Fanny Lam, a specialist in developmental-behavioural paediatrics, offered tips from her clinical observation and practice for promoting children’s emotional health, while Dr Daisy Lau, Chairperson and Founder of Hong Kong Montessori Research and Development Association, talked about effective parenting strategies for parents of young children.  The third one was held by Mr Ralph Lau, Founder of Infinity Montessori Academy, who taught participants how to practise Montessori methods at home.