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School of Chinese Medicine hosts 11th Professional Lecture Series on Chinese Medical Classics and Clinical Practice

21 Aug 2018

Honourable guests officially kick off the lectures
Honourable guests officially kick off the lectures

To raise the professional standards of Chinese medicine professionals and enhance the public’s knowledge of Chinese medicine, the School of Chinese Medicine hosted the 11th Professional Lecture Series on Chinese Medicine Classics and Clinical Practice on 19 August. Attending were about 600 faculty members and students, local registered Chinese medicine practitioners, and members of the public. 


The event featured five public lectures given by top Chinese medicine experts from mainland China, namely National CM Master Professor Zhou Daihan, who spoke on “Illustrating the Principles of Differential Treatment for Cancer in Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases and the Use of Classical Chinese Medicine Formulae to Treat Liver Cancer”; Professor Tan Yong of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital, who delivered a talk on “Exploring the Use of Chinese and Western Medicines to Treat Infertility Caused by Ovarian Insufficiency”; Professor Tang Xudong of Xiyuan Hospital, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences, who shared on his “Clinical Judgment and Practice in Treating Digestive Diseases with Classical Chinese Medicine Formulae”; Professor Huang Shipei of the Guangzhou Yuexiu District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who presented his insights on “Studying Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Diseases, Putting the Classical Chinese Medicine Formulae into Clinical Practice, Recovering the Original Work of Zhang Zhongjing”; and Professor Zhang Xiaoyang of Peking Union Medical College, who discussed “The Theory of Wind Disease in Chinese Medicine and its Application to Clinical Practice.”