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University bids farewell to graduating students at 56th Baccalaureate Service

22 Apr 2015

Professor Albert Chan (right) expresses his warmest blessings to the graduating student
Professor Albert Chan (right) expresses his warmest blessings to the graduating student

The Chaplain’s Office organised the 56th Baccalaureate Service today (22 April) to express its sincerest blessings to graduating students and enable teachers and students to commemorate their academic partnerships and bid farewell to each other.    

Dr Sam Tsang, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, was invited to share with the students. He reminded the students that they may face lots of situations in the outside world that call into question their core values, possibly forcing them to change their thinking and ideologies. Through the story of Daniel and his friends, he reminded the students to maintain their integrity and uphold their self-belief, self-esteem and self-love when facing different challenges ahead.                                         

Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, said that university is where students gain the knowledge and skills to excel in the globalised workplace. He said: “At HKBU, we pride ourselves on the provision of Whole Person Education, which places equal emphasis on student development in the intellectual, professional, moral, cultural, social and physical spheres. This holistic learning experience nurtures all-round achievers and responsible world citizens who are ready to rise to the challenges of a globalised world.”