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China Studies student Ho Yuen-kei named top 10 Regeneration Warrior

07 Oct 2016

Ho Yuen-kei’s positive attitude and determination wins her the title of top 10 Regeneration Warriors
Ho Yuen-kei’s positive attitude and determination wins her the title of top 10 Regeneration Warriors

Ho Yuen-kei, a Year 3 student of China Studies majoring in Sociology, was recently selected by the Regeneration Society as one of the Regeneration Warriors 2015-2016 for her unswerving positive attitude and determination to live a full life in spite of her severe illness. Her inspiring story has raised public concern and support towards people with chronic diseases or disabilities.

Yuen-kei suffers from congenital spinal muscular atrophy, yet this physical hindrance did not extinguish her passion for life nor her desire to make a difference. However, this was not always the case: when Yuen-kei was a child she lacked confidence and was hesitant about trying due to her illness. She gave up many opportunities for fear that her physical disabilities would cause inconvenience to others. Things changed dramatically when she took up the sport of boccia in secondary school and as a member of the Hong Kong team, she represented the HKSAR in international competitions and won numerous awards. She began to understand that as long as she is eager to try, the experience obtained through the process is far more important than the outcome. She also realised that opportunities always exist and persistence can overcome obstacles and challenges.

Yuen-kei was surprised and delighted to receive such a recognition. She expressed her gratitude to her secondary school for its nomination, the University for its support, and her family and friends for their assistance. She said: “The award brings not only a huge recognition of my accomplishments, but also a sense of responsibility. I hope that through sharing my personal story and experience I can positively influence lives.”
The annual award is jointly organised by Hang Seng Bank and Regeneration Society to recognise people with chronic diseases who exhibit persistence, positive attitude and unquenchable vitality when overcoming hardships and by doing so have set good examples which encourage the community and people with disabilities to live a fruitful life.

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