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China Studies student wins gold at International Boccia competition

21 May 2018

Ho Yuen-kei (centre) wins a gold medal in BISFed Boccia World Open
Ho Yuen-kei (centre) wins a gold medal in BISFed Boccia World Open

Ho Yuen-kei (China Studies, Year 4) won a gold medal in BC3 Individual in the BISFed Montreal Boccia World Open at Canada.


Yuen-kei remarked that the only target she set for herself was to break into the top four because the opponents were equipped with high-level playing skills, therefore she was nicely surprised when she claimed the gold medal. 


Yuen-kei managed to maintain an enlightened state of mind throughout the competition which enabled her to enter the final round. In this round, she faced the competition’s strongest opponent who beat Yuen-kei several times in the past with her varying techniques. Yuen-kei did not expect to win but she practiced what she learnt from training, such as finding a solution to the opponent’s playing tactics and giving a satisfactory performance on the spot. These led to her eventual victory.


Yuen-kei is going to complete her undergraduate degree at HKBU and she will devote herself full time to the sport to prepare for the upcoming international competitions, including the Asian Games.