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Geography graduate wins Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students

04 Dec 2017

Wong Mei-ling wins Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students.
Wong Mei-ling wins Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students.

Geography fresh graduate Wong Mei-ling has been named one of the recipients of the Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students 2016-2017. The Awards are jointly presented by the Hong Kong Student Services Association and the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association. Mei-ling is among the 20 awardees to be selected from local tertiary institutions this year.
Apart from playing an active role in HKBU’s environmental programmes on campus, Mei-ling also devotes herself to helping disadvantaged groups. She said that no matter how insignificant her actions may seem, she believes that a little change can bring about a big smile or a huge impact on society. 
Mei-ling considers continuity and sustainability are crucial elements for social services, and she encourages her counterparts to think about the real needs of society and take the lead to propose service plans instead of waiting for chances of serving others. She said that by joining various social services one can meet new friends, develop new ideas and obtain more resources which can help enhance the service impact.
A Geography graduate, Mei-ling is concerned about the controversial proposal to build in country parks to ease Hong Kong’s housing shortfall and she hopes that the importance and functions of green belts will be considered seriously. She said she prefers to arrange an educational campaign through different channels to explain the importance of safeguarding Hong Kong’s country parks from encroachment by urban development instead of organising a demonstration or protest.