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HKBU graduate's thesis wins two awards at international short film festival

04 Jan 2013

Yushan captures two film awards for her thesis film Dong
Yushan captures two film awards for her thesis film Dong

Li Yushan (Master of Fine Arts in Film, TV and Digital Media, 2012 graduate) scooped the Best Film and Best Script awards for her thesis Dong at the Fresh Wave 2012 - International Short Film Festival (Student Division).  

Yushan wrote the script and directed the film about the coming of age of a simple boy. She completed her thesis under the supervision of Dr. Ng Chun-bong of the Academy of Film of the School of Communication. The story is set in the snowy winter of Shenyang. Two 12-year-old Beijing opera students, Dong (“winter” in Chinese) and Nuannuan (which means “warmth”) were practising diligently in order to secure a place in an upcoming performance in Beijing. The youngsters were curious about and longing for love. Nuannuan had feelings for Dong but he was wrapped up in longing for his dead mother and infatuated with Nuannuan’s young aunt who came to visit them several times. The train was leaving for Beijing soon and the two bid each other a fond farewell. Dong had to begin his journey, with or without Nuannuan.

The festival was organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The local competition section was divided into an open division and a student division. Four awards were presented in each division namely Best Film, Best Creative, Best Script and Best Cinematography. Yushan was the only contestant to win two honours.