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HKBU master’s student gains Hong Kong Youth Service Award for outstanding community service

16 Nov 2016

Cheung Sai-ho (sixth from left) wins the Hong Kong Youth Service Award for his outstanding community service
Cheung Sai-ho (sixth from left) wins the Hong Kong Youth Service Award for his outstanding community service

Cheung Sai-ho, a Year 2 student of the Master of Science in Advanced Information Systems, recently received the Hong Kong Youth Service Award presented by The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups. The award is in recognition of his innovative use of technology and his courage to live a full life in spite of his severe illness. Sai-ho contributes greatly to the community and has a strong supportive influence on others through his passion for life. He has also become a role model for his unswervingly positive attitude and determination. He is one of the five persons who received the award this year.

Sai-ho has suffered from cerebral palsy from birth, and has encountered severe physical handicaps and language disorders since then. However, this physical hindrance has not extinguished his passion for life nor has it dimmed his determination to overcome these difficulties with his positive and encouraging attitude. Through his experiences and knowledge of innovative technology, Sai-ho has assisted other people with physical disabilities to realise their full potential and has motivated them to make their own contributions to society.

Sai-ho took part in voluntary work in secondary school and joined a social enterprise after graduating from university. He utilised his skills in computer programming to make work much easier for disabled people. He influenced others with his personal experience, and by putting his expertise into real practice helped people with disabilities to build up their self-confidence and independence.

Sai-ho expressed his sincere gratitude to The Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups and the judges for their recognition of his commitment and efforts. He said: “The design of suitable software and applications for fellow groups somehow reflects the spirit of Hong Kong, which is that you can help yourself while helping others. I hope to continue to contribute to the community with my professional knowledge of information technology so as to strengthen Hong Kong as a city which places a high value on perseverance.”

The objectives of the Hong Kong Youth Service Award are to honour young people who go beyond individual achievements and exemplify the core values of service. It also hopes to publicly encourage those individuals to become role models, particular for their peers, and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps in providing service to the community.