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HKBU scholars and alumni shine at Hong Kong Arts Development Awards

29 May 2020

Mr Ying Liang, Dr Mui Kwong-chiu, Dr Chow Yiu-fai, Ms Oliver Chan
(Clockwise from top left) Mr Ying Liang, Dr Mui Kwong-chiu, Dr Chow Yiu-fai, Ms Oliver Chan

HKBU scholars and alumni won four awards at the 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. The winners are as follows:


Artist of the Year (Film)
Mr Ying Liang, Senior Lecturer of the Academy of Film


Artist of the Year (Music)
Dr Mui Kwong-chiu, an alumnus of the Department of Communication


Award for Young Artist (Film)
Ms Oliver Chan, an alumna of the Academy of Film


Award for Arts Education (Non-School Division)
Dr Chow Yiu-fai, Associate Professor of the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing


Mr Ying Liang is a filmmaker, film educator and festival curator. Since his directorial debut in 1999, he has made five feature films and over 10 short films to great acclaim.  He excels at constructing cinematographic scenes, and his craft is exemplified by the humanistic portrayal of subjects in his films, which brings each work and the characters they depict to life.


Dr Mui Kwong-chiu is a prolific composer in Hong Kong. His work covers a wide range of areas, including cross-media creation, Chinese music theatre, Chinese and Western orchestras, dramas, dance production, theme songs, and accompaniments for different media, vocal music and harmonica. He was presented with the Distinguished Communication Alumni Award by the School of Communication in 2018.


Ms Oliver Chan is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts in Film, TV and Digital Media programme. She has won a number of accolades for her debut feature film Still Human, including the Best New Director prize at the 13th Asian Film Awards and the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, and the Golden Mulberry Audience Award and Black Dragon Award at the 21st Far East Film Festival in Udine.


Dr Chow Yiu-fai received the award for his project "Every Life is a Song Handisongs: Tertiary Students’ Musical Tribute to Our City's Craftspersons". It was produced by Every Life is a Song, a social enterprise he established jointly with local singer-songwriter Ms Vicky Fung. The project, which derived from their belief that "every person deserves to have a song of their own", recruited 30 tertiary students from across different disciplines to create 10 pieces of music and videos that focused specifically on craftspersons.