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HKBU to confer Honorary University Fellowships on six distinguished persons

04 Aug 2016

(Clockwise from left top) Mr Cheng Kok-kong, Ms Belinda Hung Kwai-yi, Mr Alfred Lee Tak-kong, Dr Jacinto Tong Man-leung, Mrs Susan So Chan Wai-hang, and Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang
(Clockwise from left top) Mr Cheng Kok-kong, Ms Belinda Hung Kwai-yi, Mr Alfred Lee Tak-kong, Dr Jacinto Tong Man-leung, Mrs Susan So Chan Wai-hang, and Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) announced today (4 August) the conferment of Honorary University Fellowships on six distinguished persons in recognition of their outstanding contributions to society and in appreciation of their highly valued support to the University.

The six Honorary University Fellowship recipients are Mr Cheng Kok-kong, Ms Belinda Hung Kwai-yi, Mr Alfred Lee Tak-kong, Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang, Mrs Susan So Chan Wai-hang, and Dr Jacinto Tong Man-leung. The Conferment Ceremony will be held at the Convocation on 6 September.

Mr Cheng Kok-kong

Mr Cheng Kok-kong, who enjoys a reputation of being an “artisan lyricist par excellence”, studied in the Department of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist College and taught at Ng Wah Catholic Primary School for 30 years. In his spare time he took an interest in the creation of theme songs for television drama series and gradually became a lyricist. Mr Cheng played a most significant part in fostering the golden age of Canto-pop in the 1970s and 1980s. With over 2,000 works to his credit, many are classics that are immensely popular across generations and have made him a household name.

Mr Cheng’s musical achievements are extensively recognised by the arts community, as evidenced by the many music awards he has garnered over the years. These include the Best Chinese (Pop) Lyrics Award, the Golden Needle Award, the Silver Jubilee Music Award, the CASH Hall of Fame Award presented by the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong in 2002, and the Outstanding Lyricist Award by the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies in 2008.

Mr Cheng’s lyrics have always been inspirational. Lyrics to him are a powerful medium for the dissemination of positive energy and most of his works are considered essential materials for research on lyrics created in Hong Kong. Over the years, Mr Cheng has written lyrics for a large number of songs on child-related themes, among them the much loved When We Were Young (小時候) and Dr Slump (IQ博士). His compositions have accompanied successive generations of young people growing up in Hong Kong and trigger memories of childhood bliss. Many of Mr Cheng’s works also carry a strong expression of social consciousness, for example The Hong Kong Heart (香港心) that called on citizens to rally their efforts in the fight against the SARS epidemic, and Love (愛), which contributed to the relief fund for victims of the South Asian Tsunami. In 1990, Mr Cheng wrote This Is Our Home (凝聚每分光) which quickly became a symbol of cultural identity for the people of Hong Kong.

Mr Cheng has dedicated tremendous efforts to inspiring others to have a positive attitude towards life. His lyrics have provided an important channel for him to exchange views with students and teachers. Mr Cheng is an untiring advocate for educational activities on lyrics composition, and he hosted the Workshop on Lyrics Writing under the Arts and Cultural Programme of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning at HKBU. He also wrote the lyrics of the theme songs for the 50th and the 60th anniversaries of HKBU, adding vibrant and glorious colours to the celebration activities.

Ms Belinda Hung Kwai-yi
As the Co-founder and Director of the Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation, Ms Belinda Hung has not only contributed extensively to the development of tertiary education in Hong Kong, but also lives out a whole person education ethos that is both admirable and noble. From her successful and generous parents, Ms Hung gained a vision about caring effectively for persons in need. That vision has carried her through positions of responsibility as a counsellor in Caritas Hong Kong, as a supervisor chosen by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Hong Kong to care for Vietnamese refugees, and as a supporter of multifaceted cultural and educational projects, including scholarships to persons and institutions in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, and Canada.

Ms Hung has devoted herself to supporting the advancement of education and culture. Since 2006, the Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation has provided bursaries annually to 100 to 200 outstanding secondary school students from economically distressed peasant families in Guizhou and Shaanxi Provinces. Apart from providing financial assistance, Ms Hung paid home visits to the beneficiary families and students in remote areas of China every year and insisted on communicating with all the students supported by the Foundation by mail to follow up on their needs and progress. In addition, the Foundation has supported all kinds of causes related to children and youth development programmes, creative teaching and literary events, mentorship programmes and endowed professorships.

With a goal of enriching the cultural atmosphere of the city and inspiring creativity, Ms Hung has also generously supported HKBU in the realisation of the University’s mission and vision. Deeply concerned about the nurturing of creative talents, she was especially inspired by HKBU’s emphasis on creativity within the humanities. Ms Hung has generously donated towards the establishment of a perpetual fund for a tertiary level creative writing competition in the name of her mother for capable students from HKBU as well as other higher education institutions. In addition, having sensed the need for further development in this realm, she then followed this up by establishing an award for distinguished young creative writers.

Mr Alfred Lee Tak-kong
Mr Alfred Lee completed his undergraduate studies in Applied Science at University of Pennsylvania and obtained an MBA, majoring in Finance, from Boston University, USA. Having found success in business through directing InnoGreen Environmental Limited, Mr Lee was motivated to find greater life purpose than the accumulation of wealth. Dedicated to identifying ways of contributing to sustainable lifestyles in the modern age, he has served on an impressive list of public committees and professional organisations in Hong Kong. While a committee member of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Mr Lee served as the Chairman of the Sustainable Development Sub-committee under the Commerce and Industry Committee, and the Director of the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association. Driven by his real concern for environmental issues, he has committed himself faithfully as a trustee of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Hong Kong, and serves as a member of several advisory committees of the HKSAR Government on areas including the Ecopark, energy conservation, and external lighting.

Mr Lee actively manifests his concern for young people. He previously served as the Honorary Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong United Youth Association, a committee member of the All-China Youth Federation, and the Vice-Chairman of the Hebei Youth Federation. In 2011, Mr Lee was awarded the Medal of Honour by the HKSAR Government for his multifaceted roles in youth development and the promotion of environmental protection.

Mr Lee particularly appreciates the emphasis on whole person education at HKBU and has demonstrated steadfast support to the University on various fronts. His commitment to HKBU has been enthusiastic, wide-ranging, and wholehearted. Mr Lee was member of the HKBU Council and the Court from 2010 to December 2015 and Deputy Chairman of the Campus Development and Facilities Management Committee of the Council. He contributes his expertise in financial management as the member of a number of finance committees. He has also served as the Chairman of the Faculty of Science Advisory Committee of HKBU, due to his extensive expertise as a leader in the use and development of environmentally friendly technologies.

Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang
Mr Tommy Li is a successful entrepreneur who possesses visionary business leadership and strong resolve, and has contributed unceasingly to the community. He is currently Chairman of Pak Shing Tong Group, a wholesaler of traditional Chinese medicine. With Mr Li’s strenuous efforts, Pak Shing Tong has won wide recognition within the industry and was awarded the Most Favourable Premium Long History Chinese Medicine Brand Award by Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Industry Association (HKCMIA); the Most Popular QTS Merchant Award by Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Association two times in succession ; the 10 Years QTS Merchant Recognition by Hong Kong Tourism Board; as well as the Hong Kong Top Brand Award and Hong Kong Merchants of Integrity Award by Guangzhou Daily for five consecutive years.

Mr Li has contributed tremendously to lifting the standards in the Chinese medicine industry as evidenced by his service on various committees and industry boards. Apart from professional services, he has also rendered his valuable service on various fronts. Currently, Mr Li is the Executive Chairman of HKCMIA; Advisor of Exchange and Cooperation Centre of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China; a Member of the Chinese Medicine Development Committee; a Standing Committee Member of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce; and a Member of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. For his meritorious public and community service, in particular his valuable contributions to the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, Mr Li was awarded the Medal of Honour by the HKSAR Government in 2003 and was appointed Justice of the Peace in 2004. He was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2010.

Mr Li has played a pivotal role in spurring the development of the School of Chinese Medicine of HKBU. Under his leadership, Pak Shing Tong Group gained the title of Honorary Director of the HKBU Foundation. He established the “Pak Shing Tong Scholarship” in 2003 for students studying Chinese materia medica at HKBU and donates annually towards the scholarship. His company has also sponsored various activities of the School, including exhibitions, international conferences, the publication of books, and exchange programmes for students to study Chinese medicine on the Mainland.

Mrs Susan So Chan Wai-hang

Mrs Susan So Chan Wai-hang and her husband Mr So Kai-sing founded their business empire from humble beginnings and their family business has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decades. Mrs So is currently Managing Director of Yue Wing Cheong Manufactory Limited, Deputy Chairman of Winnie Sanitary Product Limited, and Su’s Sanitary Product Limited. With a business scope spanning from manufacturing and marketing of bags and shoes to sanitary products, their business now boasts manufacturing bases on the Chinese mainland, Vietnam and Myanmar, and receives staunch support from many global brands as their long-term business partners.

Mrs So has been actively engaged in a number of charitable organisations and professional bodies. Since 2004, she has dedicated herself to promoting the development of Yan Chai Hospital (YCH). With her unceasing fundraising efforts and extensive network, she has enhanced public awareness of YCH. She was previously Director of YCH, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, YCH, and Chairman of the 47th Board of Directors of YCH. She has also served as member of the Elderly Commission of the HKSAR Government, Supervisor of YCH Law Chan Chor Si Primary School, and sits on the school board of YCH Law Chan Chor Si College. Mrs So has demonstrated a genuine concern for the welfare of older adults, including the special physiological and psychological treatment for older people, as well as the growth of young people. Mrs So was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the HKSAR Government in 2015 in recognition of her distinguished public and community service.
Mrs So is a steadfast supporter of HKBU’s ethos of whole person education, and a major donor to the University’s causes and initiatives, for instance, she supported the establishment of scholarships and the development of the HKBU Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology (JAS). In 2013, Mrs So helped raise a considerable amount for the development of the Academy in her capacity as the Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Fundraising Dinner for JAS. She is currently a member of the Board of Governors and the Entrepreneur Committee of the HKBU Foundation, Honorary President of the HKBU Foundation, and Chairman of the Development Committee of JAS.

Dr Jacinto Tong Man-leung

Dr Jacinto Tong is a leader in the business community who enjoys a high reputation for his foresight and sensitivity to development trends in the economy and for his superlative analytical power. Currently, he is Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gale Well Group Limited. Born in Macau, Dr Tong furthered his education in Chemistry at Hong Kong Baptist College. He proceeded to pursue higher studies in Canada and later returned to Hong Kong to work where he became involved in finance and property mortgages, and established, together with members of his family, the Gale Well Group Limited to specialise in strategic property investment. Dr Tong has applied his tremendous wisdom and diligence to this corporation which now operates in Hong Kong, Macau and the Chinese mainland, occupying a leading position in the sale and tenancy markets of residential and commercial property at its various locations.

Dr Tong has narrated his experience for members of the general public in various columns and articles that he writes for a selection of major newspapers, financial magazines and online platforms. He is also an author of a good number of books on property investment and related subjects. In addition to the respect and esteem that he commands in the business and media communities, he has been the President of the Wan Chai Sports Federation. Dr Tong’s business achievements and active participation in community services have earned him recognition from many quarters. In 2010, Lansbridge University, New Brunswick, Canada, conferred an honorary doctorate upon him, and in the same year the World Chinese Business Investment Foundation presented him with the World Outstanding Chinese Award. In 2012, he received a Leader of Excellence award from CAPITAL magazine.

Dr Tong demonstrates a genuine concern for the growth and formation of young people and made substantial donations to support educational causes. He established the Jacinto Tong Hostel Residence Grant at United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and has contributed to the development efforts of both the Caritas Institute of Higher Education and the Caritas Bianchi College of Careers in his capacity as member of the Board of Governors and the Fundraising Committee of these institutions. Dr Tong greatly appreciates the golden thread that binds him to his alma mater, and has lent his great support to HKBU on numerous occasions. He is an Honorary Member of the Court of HKBU, an Honorary President of the HKBU Foundation, and sits on the latter’s Entrepreneur Committee. Over the years, Dr Tong has proactively assisted in University development efforts by offering his wise counsel and sage advice, and making a donation to finance the production and publication of the HKBU 60th Anniversary History Book.